About Us

RISE UP - Teen & Child Crisis Center of East Idaho is a FREE and 100% voluntary center that serves all youth ages 5-17. We are different from BHC and other hospitalization options as we are a stabilization, assessment, and referral center rather than a treatment center.

The Idaho Falls Center—RISE UP—was the first center of its kind to open in the state of Idaho. We help provide immediate safety, assessment, referrals, and collaboration of services for Mental Health & Substance Use Disorders. Criteria for admittance will be a 'crisis' as defined by the family, school, individual, therapist, doctor, law enforcement, first responder, loved one, or community member.

Ultimately our purpose is to assist in reducing the number of youths being sent to the ER for hospitalizations, being placed in the Juvenile Justice Detention Centers, or even jail. Our center exists to provide opportunities for crisis stabilization, assessments and quicker access to services and treatment for youth in our schools, homes, and community.

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